JNF History

The earthquake in 2015 destroyed schools, houses and livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people in fourteen districts of Nepal. Sindhupalchowk was the worst hit district in terms of casualties and damages to houses and schools.

Just Nepal Foundation (JNF) was established to provide immediate respite to the children in Helambu in Sindhupalchowk district, build an earthquake safe school and to support the victims to build sustainable livelihoods. JNF is working closely with hundreds of youths who have begun to start enterprises in their own villages.

Nepal has a lot of young people. However, due to a lack of quality education and job opportunities, millions of Nepali youths work abroad as unskilled migrant workers. So JNF is working with its partners, to mobilize the youths of Nepal and the returnee migrant workers to build back a better and greener livelihood.

Nepali people have suffered political instability, social injustice and natural disaster for far too long. We believe that this can change if enough people young people play an active role in improving social cohesion, pursuing economic development and engage in civic activities effectively.