Update on support to Covid-19 Prevention and Control in Helambu

We are pleased to be able to support the prevention and control of the Covid-19 transmission across all seven wards of the Helambu Rural Municipality by sourcing and supplying medical equipment like two Oxygen concentrate, Infra-red thermometers, masks, hand sanitizers etc. to all the 10 health posts as well as sharing the prevention messages in local Tamang language.

Our very own Dr. Pasang Tsering Lama & Dr. Kanchha Sherpa both from Helambu, alongwith the Health Co-ordinator Mr. Gyanendra Sigdel and team, have been travelling to all the remote villages and treating people in their own homes. This is the first time a mobile health team reached every single neighbourhood across Helambu, checking people in their own homes. The team found a distinct prevalence of chronic diseases in line with the altitude of the settlement. For example most of the people in higher altitude like Sermathang, Tarkeghyang and Melamchighyang suffer from very high blood pressure, whereas the Tamang communities living in the midway suffer from diabetes and scabies etc. and the Chhetris and Brahmins living in the lower valleys suffer mostly from asthma and mental health issues. Due to the national lockdown many people has run out of medicines. So we were able to support by purchasing essential medicines and the local team delivered it to the patients’ home.

The JNF team including has been in regular contact with over 80 youths across Helambu since the lockdown started. We now have a small team of active volunteers in every ward to spread the messages of social distancing and other Covid-19 prevention measures. Through these calls we found out that elder people and Dalit across Helambu are not left out in the medical check-ups and have received free medications when needed.

Some Glimpses from Helambu on fight against Covid-19