Why Collaborate with us?

We work directly with the beneficiaries in Nepal

Although we are a small organisation, we have a larger impact in the communities we work. This is because we are based at the grassroots level and get to know the people, communities and their issues and priorities better.


Our overhead costs are low

We have an active voluntary board of seven members a very small but effective support team in Kathmandu and rest of the teams are based in the field. We reduce our costs through effective use of ICT, efficient project management and avoiding all forms of wastage.


We ensure due diligence

We are registered with the District Administration Office in Kathmandu and the ward No. 6 office of Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality where we update our registration annually. We are also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council who monitors every single project funded through international grants.

Internally we also go through a thorough diligence process which includes gathering evidence of needs, stakeholder consultation, preliminary discussion with relevant govt. bodies before committing to any project. A sub-committee is formed for every project to ensure that the project is implemented smoothly as well as monitoring and reporting to the Board and other stakeholders.


We follow international accounting standards

We maintain a double entry book keeping system and comply with international accounting standards. We use Oracle Netsuite system for a rigorous financial and customer relation management system which offer a flexible and real time reporting possibilities.

Our auditor is recognised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal and verified by the auditor of our Danish partner organisation.