Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth Entrepreneurship

Empowered youths who actively and peacefully participate in the country’s social, economic and political issues make the country stronger. This programme aims to:

  • Reduce the number of youth migration and thus avoid abuse and exploitation of our youths abroad
  • Equip youths with the knowledge, skills and networks to manage successful enterprise
  • Create youths access to finance and sustainable markets for their products and services
  • Empower more girls to participate in education, economic, social and youth politics
  • Support youth representation at all levels of the government and civil society
  • Exposure of different and better of way of doing things through study visits etc.


Putting Helambu Youths at the centre stage

This project aimed to inspire and mobilise rural youths across all the seven wards in Helambu rural municipality. A group of 30 youths including 50% girls joined the leadership camps where they were introduced to key elements of leadership, citizenship and social cohesion. They also developed their dream journey also known as business plan. JNF youth facilitators followed up closely to monitor progress on their individual dream journey each fortnight. The group was then taken on a field visit to provide exposure on how to run a small farm business successfully.
Three such groups were organised benefitting a total of 88 youths from all seven wards of Helambu.


Helambu Youths taking their place

A growing number of youths across Nepal and migrant workers who are returning from abroad are facing unemployment and destitution due to the impact of Covid-19. This project will deliver:

  • High quality technical training such as vegetable gardening, goat farming etc. to 144 youths,
  • A three months long apprenticeship program to skill up from the best in the trade
  • For the first time dalit youths will receive traditional craftsmanship training in Helambu
  • Skilled dalit youths will be assisted in setting up workshop and sales outlet
  • A youth led Helambu Co-operative is being established to provide a long-term solution to its members and farmers of Helambu. The project will support the 100 Co-op members through appropriate training, study visits and start-up support.
  • The Multipurpose Co-op will provide savings and credit facilities as well as access to resources and markets to its members and people across Helambu.
  • Over 244 youths will receive in-depth knowledge about Covid-19 prevention and control efforts at community level